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Gfrp rebar machine

As the new type of GFRP rebar facility, GFRP pultrusion machinecan process different specification rebar, the machine mainlyconsisted of extrusion system, preforming system, winding system,baking box, hydraulic traction, electrical control system, automaticcutting and other systems &nbs


How do we define ChengXinDa Mining Equipment CO,LTD?

As the 20 years gfrp rebar manufacturer, our product ranges includes 13 sizes of rebar. (6mm-34mm). And we have 84 line production lines with 3 work factory and 1 laboratory.

GRP Rebar, GRP grount anchor bolt, plate and nut, mining plactic grid have been passed ISO 9001 and CE.

Due to the support of government, try our best to offer best price. 

Free sample is our first step to build corporation with you. 

Honesty and Trustworthiness to everyone is our mission.

First Generation Pultrusion Machine

As the new type of GFRP rebar facility, GFRP pultrusion machine can process different specification rebar, the machine mainly consisted of extrusion system, preforming system, winding system,

baking box, hydraulic traction, electrical control system, automatic cutting and other systems


General description for all lines

Electricity (excluding ventilation)

- power input of 20 kW, (380 V)

- average power consumption with a single line 8-15 kW/h ;

Three-phase asynchronous motor are as follows:

Power 22kw Voltage 380V Insulation 50Hz Speed 1450 RPM Current 4.77A


60 liters, automatic water supply is optional;

Placement requirements:

- storage for raw materials – 30 sqm, heated and ventilated;

- room for binder components of raw materials preparation – 15 sq. m.;

- storage of finished products is at customer’s discretion;

- production facilities from the calculation of one line dimensions - length 12-20

meters, width - 0.8 meters.

Second Genaration Pultrusion Machine


Maceration device.


Maceration device means to completely impregnate the glass material through a resin paste, curing agent.

Wrapping machine/ Rebar development mechanism (RDM).


Wrapping machine is designed for formation of glass material filaments into a tow and winding the filament in a spiral around the beam to create corrugated surface of the product.


Heat-treatment chamber/ Polymerization tunnel-like chamber


Heat-treatment chamber is used for the polymerization and production of fiber yarn adhesives.

The temperature control panel is used to heat the bonding elements in the molded fiberglass bars to a specific temperature.

The production line is controlled by 7 panels and 7 ovens.

Each panel is divided into two separate independently regulated temperature loops.

Temperature control in each loop is carried out by a temperature controller with PID control and thermocouple.

Cooling chamber.


Cooling bath is is used to continuously lower the temperature of the fiberglass bar, and the cold water in the circulation system will not be discharged from the drain.

The water temperature is always in a closed cycle, but the water needs to be changed once after a certain period of time, so there will be no severe temperature shock, cooling chamber will ensure the continuity of the products and enhance their strength


Main drive gear/ Pulling mechanism.



Pulling mechanism is used to pull the rebars at the specified speed and compression pressure.

Since the composite fiberglass bars do not aggregate 100% after the cold water circulation system during production, which means they are prone to crack when overstretched by tension, extrusion devices must be provided for extrusion..

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FRP Rebar is a Spiral Wrapped Structural Reinforcing Rod made from a combination of fiberglass roving and resin. Developed as a superior alternative to steel in concrete reinforcement, FRP Rebar is suitable for applications requiring a lightweight material that has high tensile strength, with non-corrosive and non-conductive properties. For example, properly reinforced FRP concrete slabs exposed to heavy traffic, such as bridge decks and driveways, last approximately 20 times longer than conventional methods.