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Precast concrete sandwich insulation wall FRP connector advantages


updated:2020-10-17 15:06:21

At present, precast concrete sandwich insulation wall connectors commonly used in engineering mainly include stainless steel connectors and fiber reinforced composite (FRP) connectors.Among them,FRP joints have high strength, low thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and fire resistance, and broad application prospect.The internal force analysis shows that the pulling out and shear bearing capacity of FRP joints in concrete slabs are the key factors affecting the safety of walls.In addition, the durability of FRP joints in alkali concrete environment and the fire resistance of precast sandwich insulation wall with FRP joints are also key factors affecting the safety of the whole life of the wall.The mechanical properties, durability and fire resistance test methods of FRP joints are summarized systematically, and their advantages and disadvantages are compared and analyzed, and corresponding selection Suggestions are put forward.