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What are the advantages of FRP pipes


updated:2020-10-30 14:24:28

FRP pipe is a kind of light weight, Bai high strength DU, corrosion - resistant non - metallic pipe.It is the glass fiber with the weight of zhi resin matrix, which is wound on the rotating core die layer by layer according to the technical requirements of DAO, and evenly spread quartz sand as sand sandwich layer in the distance between the fibers.Its pipe wall structure is reasonable and advanced, can give full play to the role of the material, under the premise of meeting the use strength, improve the steel degree, ensure the stability and reliability of the product.FRP sand pipe with excellent chemical resistance, high strength, light weight, no scale, strong seismic resistance, compared with ordinary steel pipe with long service life, low comprehensive cost, fast installation, safe and reliable, etc., is accepted by the general users.

FRP pipes are used in petroleum, chemical and drainage industries.The production of FRP pipes in China is developing rapidly, the quantity is increasing year by year, and the application scope and departments are also becoming wider and wider.

FRP pipes are made of resin (food-grade resin for drinking water transportation), glass fiber, quartz sand and made of special technology.

It has excellent corrosion resistance

Do not cathodic protection and other anti-corrosion measures, will not produce secondary pollution to water and other media.Long service life.

The weight of ductile iron pipes of the same size and length is only 1/4 of that of cement pipes and 1/10 of cement pipes.Easy to transport and unload, easy to install.

Reduce pipeline connections, accelerate installation speed, and improve the quality of the entire pipeline.

Reduce flow resistance, increase flow velocity and reduce energy consumption.The same flow rate can be increased by about 10% compared with the same specification of steel pipe by using a smaller diameter pipe;No scaling, long-term use does not reduce the flow rate.The cable protection in the environment of disturbance and heavy erosion has good effect.