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GRP Fiberglass grout rock anchor bolts is the all threaded rod matching tray and nut,glassfiber and resin as the main raw materials mixed the curing agent and flame retardant which is produced in process of pultrusion, winding etc It is mainly used in coal mine, half coal rock, coal wall, the surface of surrounding rock, rock slope anchorage and other underground engineering support.


How do we define ChengXinDa Mining Equipment CO,LTD?

As the 20 years gfrp rebar manufacturer, our product ranges includes 13 sizes of rebar. (6mm-34mm). And we have 84 line production lines with 3 work factory and 1 laboratory.

GRP Rebar, GRP grount anchor bolt, plate and nut, mining plactic grid have been passed ISO 9001 and CE.

Due to the support of government, try our best to offer best price. 

Free sample is our first step to build corporation with you. 

Honesty and Trustworthiness to everyone is our mission.


Thread available on any part of any bar

100 plus years corrosion resistance

Extremely high embedment strengths

¼ the weight of steel

2 times the strength of steel

Easy to post tension


Low electric conductivity



TRAY Standard


NUT Standard



Hard Rock Mining

Ground Stabilization

Salt Mines



Temporary Ground Support

(Easy To Excavate)

Permanent Ground Support

(Excellent Corrosion Resistance)

Specialty Applications

Custom Threaded Intervals

Custom Fasteners and Accessories

3,000 Feet Continuous Coils

To Dealer

ChengXinDa Mining Equipment CO,LTD offers beneficial cooperation to construction companies

and organizations engaged in the field of trading construction materials. We are ready to supply

fiberglass reinforcement and other composite reinforcement products on special conditions.

Benefits of cooperation with us:

• — You can have a good additional income;

• — We have our own customer data, so there is a free transfer of customers from the region of the dealer;

• — We have certificates of quality and all the necessary documentation;

• — During the production of composite reinforcement products we use only the best materials, you can be sure of


• — Product samples are provided to the dealer, so that they can demonstrate the quality of our products;

• — Short manufacturing period;

• — We advise and assist dealers in solving any problems.

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FRP Rebar is a Spiral Wrapped Structural Reinforcing Rod made from a combination of fiberglass roving and resin. Developed as a superior alternative to steel in concrete reinforcement, FRP Rebar is suitable for applications requiring a lightweight material that has high tensile strength, with non-corrosive and non-conductive properties. For example, properly reinforced FRP concrete slabs exposed to heavy traffic, such as bridge decks and driveways, last approximately 20 times longer than conventional methods.